About Us

Our Mission
To Assist Punters by utilising the My Punter formulas 
to better the odds in their favour.

What is MyPunter?
MyPunter Calculates the fixed Odds entered and multiple selections in a single race. MyPunter Advises how much to outlay on each selection. If any selection wins the return is the same. MyPunter Allows you to enter a wager amount , Multiple Selections and Odds for a single race. MyPunter then Advises how much to outlay on each selection using the wager amount requested, If any Selection wins the returns are all the same.(except in round up & down mode.)

Who is MyPunter?
MyPunter was originally written 25 years ago for personal computers here in Melbourne Australia, However it was never released.
The formulas have been used  for many years. Now  available at the App Store & Google Play.

My Punter Tips & Advice
When selecting multiple selections,  MyPunter will advise when a Negative Return Occurs. (This means the investment is higher than the return).
Either remove one selection or do not bet in the race.
This will occur at times and is because of the selections chosen.
The fixed odds of the selections or the number of selections will cause 
this to occur..
MyPunter only works with fixed odd betting.

Note: Try mixing Fixed Odds win only with Place Fixed odds only.

TrackSide with Trav 
This  has been introduced with selections & tips on major races. 

Trav’s been a keen punter for 25 years and will provide insights to the days meeting and provide his selections for the race meeting.
MyPunter respects his advice on all races and listed will be TrackSide with Trav as well as MyPunter Selections.

MyPunter BestBets will have Melbourne Selections only but will spread as the App gets out there.
MyPunter will have Australia Wide Meetings in due course.

1. MyPunter will release
 On this web site its SELECTIONS each WEEK..
2. Respond to ALL inquires. 
We will endeavour to reply to inquiries within 24 to 72 Hours.
3. Behind the scenes 
Look for more exiting information coming soon.

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